Friday, October 15, 2010

Korean Table Top BBQ Restaurant

Korean Table Top Grilling the way it was meant to be!

To truly enjoy the Korean BBQ experience, you should try the authentic style table top BBQ. When I mean authentic...really authentic.

The grill consist of a 55 gal drum, a metal table with a center hole cut out to accommodate the grill. The grill sits just a little inside the upper portion of the steel drum. The charcoal is then placed inside the steel drum below the grill. The modern Table Top Grill uses gas which is much safer than charcoal, especially for indoors grilling.

This simple but yet functional table top grill proved to be a very effective cooking device as it focus the heat to the grill. Since the heat is in the center of the drum, any one sitting around the table is kept warm and comfortable during the harsh Korean winters.

The Korean Table Top BBQ Grill has truly popularize Korean BBQ and has made it an international favorite. So come and join us at Mapo BBQ Korean Cuisine San Diego. Outdoor and indoor seating is available.